Strategy Arts


This site was designed by the in-house team at Strategy Arts. I developed the custom WordPress theme from scratch, so without the additional bloat that comes with a regular theme with many options this is still the fastest WordPress site I have ever built.

This design collaboration, along with their custom graphics, led to a very pleasing product that is consistently complimented by the client’s peers.

I created the mobile views based on their submitted designs for desktop versions of their website. While they had a concrete plan for their desktop site, the mobile version had to be derived from what they had, taking into account user-friendliness and search engine optimization along the way. 

This site was built in 2015, and is still being actively used by the company, with the latest post being from September 16th, 2019 as of this writing.

Custom templates were made for the blog and author pages that are automatically displayed on the Our Team page.
I made 4 custom “narratives” that conveyed some of Strategy Art’s posters on larger screens, which can be viewed by scrolling: Narrative 1, Narrative 2, Narrative 3, and Narrative 4.