Silver Sound Entertainment

Design, Development, SEO
Silversound is the main event DJ company in the greater Philadelphia region. Google “Philadelphia DJ” if you want to see how well they do in terms of SEO. If you are in the Philadelphia area, searching for “DJ” should do it. This website was significantly dated, and written in ASP. A modern look was designed while retaining all the ASP functionality.

Their entire business operations were not interrupted and no additional training for the staff was necessary because the back end remained the same. This move was monumental in scale and required the organization and coordination of their IT staff, their ASP coder, and our team.

Mobile Improvement

Mobile traffic has gone through a steady increase since the new website was launched in February 2016. Making sure the complex existing database would work well with the mobile design was a challenge but led to a brilliant result.

Increased Conversions

After the new website went live the conversion rate from web leads increased over time. The design of the site led to increased performance on devices and search engines.

Custom ASP integration

Silversound has an extensive database of all of their Dj’s activities. Developing ASP on such a scale to provide a completely custom site was a new, exciting experience. Making sure the new site was running on their existing data and booking system built over decades in the industry was a priority.