Design, Development, REST API, eCommerce

PANCE Prep is a website that allows students to practice for the PANCE Prep & PANRE Prep Exams. The site owners are able to add Qustions to their data bank with ease, and this proprietary information is offered to paid subscribers.

By offering Practice Quizzes with Hundreds of Questions with different conditions, students are better able to prepare themselves for these rigorous exams.

Methods used:

Custom GULP Quiz App using WordPress REST API with Custom Endpoints
Woocommerce Subscriptions
Custom Post Types for Questions and Quizzes

This site is currently in use by hundreds of students and has helped many hundreds more. Thousands of quizzes have been created by both desktop and mobile users.

Various limitations of the REST API and the WordPress environment had to be overcome to make this application work well with the website. An example is the default WordPress REST API capping returns to 100 objects. Through pagination and some Javascript the application is able to overcome this limit without stressing the server.

It was very important that the Quizzes are accessible to mobile users. In fact analytics shows they constitute about 70% of the traffic.

An in-depth monthly analytics report of the most popular questions and categories selected by users has created a feedback loop where the site owners are better able to target more content content creation, which raises the value of their product over time.

Due to the proprietary nature of the content, a lot of data in this project is blurred out, to protect the IP of the client.

This website & Quiz App were completely developed, built, and designed by me. The client has maintained an excellent relationship for years due to the success and stability of this project.

Out of my work, this is the most successful website in terms of the different technologies all used to create the project. From GULP to the REST API to the logic behind the Quizzes and how they are graded, saved, and randomized, the technologies used here taught me a lot about creating custom applications.